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Power Phone Book
Enterprise Edition
Awarded by
5 Rating and
Editor's Pick!!!

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Power Phone Book - organizer brining you the profit

Interface of Power Phone Book (click for zoom)

· Current version:
1.51 (October, 3, 2005)
· Operational system:
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
· Enterprise Edition (3,5 MB)
· Personal Edition (2,5 MB)

· Purchase

It has all standard functions as modern organizer, additionally allows to user, to set up data access thru Internet, all over the world, providing high level of security.

Server Firebird, which used in this solution as database engine is a modern entity of Interbase SQL Server (some sources state that Interbase SQL Server is used by Military Department of the US).

Features of Power Phone Book

  • Multi-user work in LAN, intranets and Internet
  • Protection data with password
  • High reliability due to using of full functional SQL server Firebird
  • Simplicity and comfort in use (for local single-user version)
  • The opportunity to store various information in well structured way, it allows to find information fast and easy
  • Comfortable and pleasant interface,
  • Powerful and comfortable search system: breakthrough search (you input one criteria of search and search is conducting in every fields), quick search by single click
  • The Storing of pictures using minimum resources of software
  • The changing of column's sizes, hiding of columns
  • The opportunity of easy transferring the interface on any language
  • Backup/restore of data
  • Dial up of phone number
  • Organizer
  • Smart bookmarks
  • Export of data in Excel and HTML
  • Integration with e-mail client, Internet browser and ICQ

There are local and multi-user versions for LANs, intranets and Internet, high level of security, integration with dial up, e-mail client, browser and ICQ.


Power Phone Book is ease in administration. Local single-user version does not need any administration; all of settings is performing by the software itself. LAN's version needs only: to define on client computer the server's IP +":" and path to database at server (once made file Phones.ini may be transferred to other client computers), to check out is Firebird Server or Firebird Guardian is running at server (under Windows NT, 2000, XP needed services install and start automatically while installation of the software, for Windows 95/98 placing of shortcut to C:\Program Files\Firebird\bin\ibserver.exe in start up is recommended).

Enhancement and development

If you would like to enhance the software according to your needs contact: admin@dgalaxy.net all remarks will be gladly considered. The software is developing actively. It's planning to relies one version in month with some changes, or one version in Power Phone Book once in two months with cumulative changes. The users of our Phone Book are informed that registered users receive upgrades for FREE! Upgrades for Power Phone Book in the main version will be for FREE too!!! Main version - It's first number in number of version, for this moment all upgrades were for FREE, in future the appear of commercial upgrades is possible (once in one or two year), for registered users will be applied big discounts (30%-70%). For this moment the software is selling with 40% discount (all who bought the software now with discount will receive new version for FREE!!!


Power Phone Book since it's creation (April 2002) was awarded by famous companies and sites, among them:


Besides Power Phone Book was published in very respectable magazine CHIP 9/2002 Kiev edition, information about the software was placed such famous sites as softera.ru, ixbt.com, download.com, download32.com, download.ru, files.com.ua and many others. 


Test version

Download test version from here

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